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About Andrew & Sammy Arena (The Arena Twins)



Sammy and Andrew Arena possess the fine talent of capturing and delighting huge audiences of all ages. Without any formal training, these singers have mastered the art of entertainment and have mesmerized their listeners. They recall appearances with distinguished names such as Connie Frances, Buddy Hackett, Jose Ferrer, Anna Marie Albergetti, and Charlie Callis.


They have performed in such places as The Mayfair Theatre, The Hudson Theatre, The Gaiety Theatre and the Hillside Theatre. They spent five years club dating in the Catskills. There they performed at Kutchers Country Club, Grosinger's, The Raleigh Hotel, and many other hotels and resorts. Hey also spent five years in Miami at the Montmarte Hotel and did club dates at the Fountainbleau, The Doral Country Club and most major hotels on Collins Avenue in Miami Beach.


They released six songs with Kapp Records. Then, in 1959, they shifted to Columbia Records where they released, "Jambalaya", "Judy Says", and "In My Wallet." In recent years, concerts in the Tampa Bay and Orlando areas took up most of their time. At the Tampa Bay Performing Arts Center (now called The Straz Center), the played to audiences of 2,000 to 2,500 people each year for one show. During the past few years, they were invited to perform at the "Festa Italiana" in Milwaukee, Wisconsin where they performed to hundreds of thousands of people. They perform annually at the "Festa Italiana" in Tampa, Florida in front of thousands of people. The two together will have you and your audience laughing, crying, singing and dancing along as they do what The Arena Twins do best: Entertain! 


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